Corporate Training – The Coaching Clinic®

“Research indicates that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers and supervisors. The impact that a supervisor has in today’s workplace can be either very valuable or very costly to the organization and the people who work there” (Gallup, 2010).

Do you have members of your company with one or more staff members reporting directly to them? If so, the Coaching Clinic ® can develop the vital communication and problem-solving skills they require. Participants will gain effective listening and questioning techniques. Furthermore, they will develop the ability to provide constructive and honest feedback, and learn how to encourage their staff in self-directed problem solving. These invaluable tools and skills enable a manager to deal with the daily pressures of managing staff.

The Coaching Clinic® is a fully developed, organisation-tested model which managers, leaders and coaches can implement immediately in their organisations. It includes:

  • a two-day intensive experiential learning program;
  • assistance in the development of coaching support processes and feedback loops;
  • follow-up 1:1 coaching and in-facility shadow coaching for Coaching Clinic® participants, to reinforce their learning and support them during implementation;
  • ‘Imbedder’ workshops to encourage sharing or experiences, reconfirmation of skills, evaluation of results, process troubleshooting, and celebration of successes.

How will the Coaching Clinic® benefit your company?

In companies where the model has been implemented, the Coaching Clinic® has been credited with outstanding positive change. The organisation’s participants will raise their standards for their own skills and competencies. Immediately, they will be able to use primary and advanced coaching skills, facilitate coaching conversations, and use their knowledge of communication styles to maximise the effectiveness of workplace interactions.

Using case scenarios relevant to their own unique business, managers will benefit from a wealth of information delivered via printed materials and participant interaction. The result will be proficiency in coaching technology and enhanced confidence as organisational leaders.

Through the Coaching Clinic®, organisations and individuals can:

  • discover coaching as a powerful model of management, mentoring and leadership.
  • experience and practice coaching tools;
  • learn the structure and skills to immediately enhance performance;
  • position the organisation for rapid growth;
  • make major advances in professional and personal connections as well as apply learning within the workplace immediately.

Call me for the upcoming public course dates or we can work together to tailor a programme for your needs.

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