Coaching Couples

Life is all about relationships. Whatever else it may be, your relationship is unique! In couples coaching, you can explore the challenges you share, and identify the strengths of your relationship. With improved listening skills, you can resolve conflict and learn how to cooperate and create a shared dream. I can then help you to turn that dream into reality by mapping out an action plan and individual goals, to help you have the relationship you both desire and deserve.

Couples Coaching Investment

Face to face: $395 per 90 minute session (Virtual options not available)
(Prices are per session and exculdes GST.)

Coaching is a process and it is recommended that clients commit to a minimum of four sessions. Initially weekly, then moving to fortnightly or monthly as required. Please do not let price stop you from trying coaching! I am always happy to discuss your needs and if necessary we can create a flexible financial package.

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