Why Organisations Use Coaching

The increasing popularity of coaching as a talent management tool suggests that effective coaching can have significant positive benefits for an organisation. Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies have made coaching a critical component of their employee development resources.

Coaching helps:

  • create better-performing, more cohesive teams and business units
  • prepare people in new roles to maximise their performance
  • eliminate behaviours that hold employees back or cause friction
  • prepare executive and emerging leaders to meet business and management challenges while improving their personal impact
  • accelerate the integration of leaders into a new organisation.

Is My Organisation Ready for Coaching?

Some of the indicators that your company may be ready to become a coaching based organisation are:

  • You want a system that promotes innovation and accelerates results.
  • You want to improve the effectiveness of recruitment, development and retention of valuable organisational members.
  • You want a more vital corporate culture.
  • You want a performance management system that’s applicable throughout the organisation.
  • You want to move vision creation and decision making throughout the organisation.
  • You want to improve organisational communication and team effectiveness.
  • You want to promote shared accountability for the success of the organisation.

Coaching enables employees to take a personal perspective towards what might otherwise be seen as professional development. Working with Annalise the team developed tools and opportunities for personal growth which optimised their skills, self esteem and commitment. Because it isn’t ‘management’, it is seen as investing in their personal growth, but there is definitely an organisational ‘payoff’. Feedback from coached team members indicates that while they appreciate the focus on themselves becoming the ‘best person they can be’, that appreciation translates into improved job performance and satisfaction.

“The Coaching Toolbox was recommended to me by a colleague to assist in work supervision. I have found the process extremely helpful in focusing and prioritising my work practices in reaching specific goals. Annalise is open, professional, always positive and client focused, which I personally find invaluable. I really enjoy my appointments with Annalise.”

Karen Drew, Co-ordinator
Pt Chevalier Community Centre Inc

For Organisations and Small Businesses

I have extensive experience in working with people across all areas of business, and my corporate coaching sessions are invaluable for every imaginable type of business professional. Are you purchasing coaching for yourself or on behalf of your staff? Business owners, business executives, sales teams – every individual has a unique set of needs and wants. Whether you come with a singular issue (such as supporting an employee into a new management role, resolving interpersonal conflict, etc), or a wider support role to ensure high performance is maintained during a restructure or transition phase, I can tailor a package to meet your organisational and budgetary needs. I can come to you, you can come to me, or we can do it over the phone, or we can do a mixture of all three.

Corporate coaching is an extremely efficient, enjoyable and constructive way to nurture the most precious resource of any business, its people.

Workplace Coaching

Working together, we will identify what you personally want, while linking this
to the goals and needs of your organisation. You will be encouraged and actively supported to take action, helping you to achieve outstanding results. We will focus on all areas of your life and work performance to encourage self-directed learning, personal growth, improved performance and job satisfaction. Workplace coaching is for the individual or the whole team.

Workplace coaching investment

Coaching is a process and it is recommended that clients commit to a minimum of four sessions. Initial frequency fortnightly, then moving to monthly as required.

Face to face: $330.00
Virtual (Phone/Skype/Zoom): $250.00
(Prices are per 60 minute session and excluding GST.)

“Team members reported their coaching experiences with The Coaching Toolbox as a positive process that has supported them to develop self-generated solutions and strategies; it has increased their self-awareness; and encouraged personal accountability.

From the organisation’s perspective, coaching leveraged staff strengths and promoted innovation and personal accountability; it enhanced team culture, especially in relation to diversity; and it encouraged commitment to personal, professional and organisational goals. As a manager, I found Annalise’s focus on the individual’s agenda enhanced their work performance, action, creativity and motivation. It promoted an involved, empowered workforce. “

Judy Collins,
Manager, Community Development, Auckland City Council

Executive Coaching

Business owners, and those at senior management level often face a very specialised set of challenges in their work lives. Working at the top can be isolating. Using the same holistic approach and principles as for work/life balance coaching, I will work with you directly. We will explore business related and personal development areas, in order to improve your personal performance and satisfaction. We may focus on topics such as effective communication, leadership growth, strategic direction, relationship management or problem resolution.

I provide a confidential, non judgemental and unbiased opportunity to explore your concerns, and together we will generate workable strategies for overcoming actual or potential hurdles. Furthermore, coaching will enable you to develop your unique skills and become a more effective and balanced leader. Coaching can also provide you with the chance to openly discuss and map out your career path in the strictest of confidence.

You can offload on me, without fear of recrimination. I bring objectivity, clarity and unbiased support of the most practical nature. Most critically, I am not part of your company, so I bring a fresh outside perspective, untainted by preconceived ideas of any sort.

Executive Coaching Investment

Coaching is a process and it is recommended that clients commit to a minimum of four sessions. Initial frequency fortnightly, then moving to monthly as required.

Face to face: $495 – 90 minute session
Virtual (Phone/Skype/Zoom): $385 – 90 minute session
(Prices are per session and excluding GST.)

Coaching Services

“Annalise has a wealth of tools and techniques that helped me to make positive decisions and move forward. Her support, honest conversation and guidance challenged me to think differently, take action and go for what I wanted. The whole experience was incredibly positive and Annalise’s working style is down to earth, professional and genuine, making the sessions refreshing and something I look forward to. These sessions proved to be constructive, helpful and effective in assisting me to move forward in my career and as a person.


I would definitely recommend Annalise to anyone who is interested in making changes in their life.”

Helen Price-Maplesden
Manager, Local Government

Not For Profit

I feel very strongly about supporting the wonderful work of the Not for Profit community. For this reason, I volunteer as a Governance member for a national agency. I also offer a heavily discounted or pro bono programme for selected organisations. If you feel you may be eligible for this service, please contact me to discuss your needs and go on the waiting list.

Not for profit investment

Face to face: $225
Virtual (Phone/Skype/Zoom): $145
(Prices are per 60 minute session and excluding GST.)

Pro Bono Quota – I offer Pro Bono coaching in any of the above formats for Not For Profit organisations. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to go on the waiting list.