I believe every single person has the ability and the right, to be happy and fulfilled. Sometimes we just can’t see the wood for the trees. We get bogged down in old habits or distorted perceptions of ourselves and others. This can be very counter-productive, as it prevents us from achieving our full potential.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, I will enable you to identify, set and achieve your goals. My coaching calls on the abundant research and theories of positive psychology with a focus on the science of happiness, life balance and confidence building. I have 12 years’ coaching experience, over 400 hours of coach specific training and I recently commenced a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at Auckland University of Technology undertaking research in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing  having completed a Master of Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP) at the University of East London in 2017.  As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) I am 1 of only 16 Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) in New Zealand.

Together we will implement the changes, and maintain the momentum for positive growth, via an ongoing process of honest and constructive communication. You will find the process many things. It will be challenging, frustrating, exciting, confronting, surprising, satisfying and enormously enlightening – AT THE VERY LEAST!

This is my promise, to you.

Annalise Roache, MSc (MAPPCP) , PCC (ICF)

Positive Psychology Practitioner
Coach | Mentor | Facilitator | Director
The Coaching Toolbox

My professional and personal vision is:
“To support individuals to live flourishing, happy and impactful lives”



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