Why Happiness?

Happiness is a noble pursuit and one which crosses all ages and cultures. So what exactly

is happiness? Well that’s the truly tricky thing, it is different for each and every one of us! What makes me happy will not necessarily make you happy.

Current science tells us that happiness is something that is influenced by both genetics and our life situation. In other words part of our happiness comes with us at birth but there is very significant portion that we can influence with our everyday activities, in fact research tells us it is as much as 40%! Why not learn more about how to increase your happiness balance?


The Course

This course is based on the current work of many brilliant positive psychology researchers and practitioners including Martin Seligman, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Robert Biswas-Diener and many more. Happiness is not one size fits all, so it is important to get to the bottom of what is important to each individual. The aim of the course is to offer you the opportunity to learn and apply evidence based tools for building and sustaining  everyday happiness.

The objectives of the course are three fold;

Learn (psychoeducational) – to learn about the science behind happiness and the activities which build lasting happiness.

Reflect – to identify the current patterns in life, identifying those which are supportive and those which undermine happiness.

Act – giving it a go, trying the interventions and tools to help identify what works, resulting in a toolbox filled with activities and knowledge to call on now and forever.


  • Small groups – maximum 10 participants.
  • 6 sessions held over 5 consecutive weeks (2 hours per session) with a follow-up session 1 month later (90 minutes). In total 11.5 face to face contact hours.
  • Each participant receives a 45 minute one to one phone coaching session with Annalise.
  • Courses are held in a central Auckland location during the day and on weeknights.
  • Online option coming soon! Watch this space…

Topics can include;

  • What is happiness & why is it a science?
  • Understanding negative & limiting beliefs and tools to transform them.
  • Harnessing positive emotions; mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude and savouring.
  • Identifying and using your strengths.
  • Balance and meaning in life.
  • Positive relationships.
  • Identifying and living according to your core values.
  • Goal setting and striving.


  • $595 per person or 3 installments of $200 can be paid over the term of the course.

Discounts available for those booking course and coaching packages, get in touch to find out more.


Call me for the upcoming public course dates or we can work together to tailor a programme to meet your needs.

What participants have said

“Annalise provided me with knowledge and insights to enable me to feel empowered to make positive change in my life and increased life satisfaction.”

“Great content, great tools and techniques. Well researched”

“Highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling even slightly stuck or hopeless. Very real results”

“Annalise has the knowledge and can guide you towards happiness and fulfilment. She can tell you step by step how to become the person you want to be and ways to fulfill your goals and purpose. She is an excellent teacher and coach. I recommend her highly.”

“Absolutely worth the time and money. I came away from each session feeling happier, more connected and better equipped to face the challenges of life. Highly recommend.”

“Annalise is passionate, energetic and knowledgeable and ran a very worthwhile course.”

“I feel I have come back to myself, a more relaxed and thoughtful person. Annalise’s style ensured everyone participated and there was good group cohesion which was good given the group had completely different ages and stages. I found the course fun, positive and practical with easy suggestions within the reach of the individual. A highlight was the sharing that others brought to the group and an easygoing positive atmosphere where we felt safe.”