I provide mentor coaching to those seeking to improve their practice or obtain an International Coach Federation (ICF) credential.

I have had the great honour of working with a number of coaches during their coach training and credentialing journey. Training to become a coach or enhancing your professional development through credentialing is both a personal and professional journey, one which often leads to a lot of introspection and reflection and which can sometimes be an isolating and lonely path. I too have been there (and still am) and have relished the opportunity to work with masterful coaches and trainers who have helped me to build confidence and reflect on my practice, growing me as a coach. That’s why I choose to become a mentor.

I have worked with two of the major local coaching schools; the Life Coach Academy and The Neuroleadership Group, providing one to one mentoring and assessments. I have competed over 400 hours of coach specific training and received my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF in 2014 and I am, slowly but surely, continuing on the journey to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC). I have an undergraduate Social Sciences degree specialising in Coaching and a Master of Science (Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology) through the University of East London. In 2018 I commenced as a post graduate student at Auckland University of Technology undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program having been awarded the Vice Chancellors Doctoral Scholarship. It is safe to say I am a committed and lifelong learner and advocate of personal and professional development.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) path to credentialing

For the purposes of ICF credentialing, mentor coaching means that an applicant is coached on coaching skills according to the ICF core competencies. The coaching is not related to practice building or personal development topics.

There are three paths to ICF credentialing, all of which require an applicant to have completed 10 hours of mentor coaching. For those undertaking training through an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) mentor coaching will form part of your overall programme and will be provided in house by the school. However, those undertaking Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) or the Portfolio path are often required to source their own mentor coaching and that’s where I can help. For more information about the different paths to credentialing please follow this link.

A minimum of three of the 10 mentoring hours must be one-on-one coaching with the mentor. Group coaching may count for a maximum of 7 hours toward the mentoring requirement. The group being mentored may not consist of more than 10 participants.

Format and Fees

I predominately offer one to one mentor coaching over the phone or via Skype/Zoom and offer packages based on the number of hours of mentor coaching required. The rate is $225 plus GST for a 60 minute session however, I offer discounts for those booking a full 10 hour package.

If you have a few coach colleagues who would like to form a virtual group then I am more than happy to discuss the option of group and individual mentoring packages. This is cost effective way to receive mentoring while expanding your learning through others.


“Annalise’s organisation made for frictionless flow throughout our group mentoring program. Her attention to detail, great sense of humour, and conversational warmth ensured depth of understanding, a sense of fun and thorough engagement with ICF competencies and codes. Thank you Annalise for meaningful discussion and productive time together.”
Amanda Moore, BAC, PCC – The Manly Ostepath and Wellness Coaching Practice.


Doing the Mentoring with Annalise to prepare for my ICF Credentialing process was the best decision I have done. Annalise lives and breathes the principles of coaching and simply by observing her doing the work I learned and became a better coach. But of course there is more and I am grateful for the new tools I learned and how she let me tap into the wealth of experience she has with the ICF and Coaching. Annalise is great to work with, it is easy to follow her instructions, both spoken and written. The handout we got at the beginning of the mentoring guided me through the whole process and I always knew where I was at and what was ahead of me. I highly recommend Annalise a Mentor. I am more than happy to answer any questions to prospective clients of her.
Melanie Brudett, simply b – wellbeing for body & mind.


“Annalise was my mentor assisting me with ICF (ACC) credentialing. Annalise is an incredibly warm, knowledgeable, professional. She was very clear with insights into credentialing requirements and it was easy for me to understand what she meant. The value of her feedback was worth it, every time I had a session there were insights on my way of coaching that took me to another level. On the other hand Annalise was very much able to confront me with my areas of improvement needed and what went well too. I think that is very important as a mentor, to be able to express the positives and to name the “to be improved”! She’s awesome :-)”
Dairne Kirton – Life’s Abilities Coaching.


“I had Annalise assigned to me as a mentor during my studies with the Life Coaching Academy. I found Annalise to be incredibly down to earth, practical and her insight into both the course requirements and also as someone who had set herself up in her own coaching practise was invaluable.

Annalise is easy to talk with, professional and her real life passion for coaching is infectious. Couple that with her working knowledge of ICF and the ongoing professional development – I highly recommend Annalise as a mentor to any new graduate working through continued studies.

Thanks Annalise for all your support, encouragement and coaching over the past year. You are a star.”
Angela Derecourt – Executive Coach at Blue Ocean Coaching & Consulting (ACC).


“Annalise was assigned to me as a Mentor/Coach during my course. I can speak highly of Annalise and the work that she does, she is very authentic and passionate. The course is very extensive and a lot of the content can get very heavy. Having a senior Mentor/Coach like Annalise was extremely helpful, she was open and honest and is a strong genuine coach who is successful. I am very fortunate to have had her support during my coaching journey. Her techniques showed a lot of confidence, practice, experience and self-development. She was able to facilitate and create an environment where I felt AWESOME energy and I was able to get the best outcome which included completion of assignments and course work earlier than expected. Thank-you Annalise”
Mary Williams – Personal Coach – Over The Horizon.

If you would like to hear more from previous clients please check out my LinkedIn profile.

Get in touch

I would love to work with you so please get in touch by emailing me at annalise@thecoachingtoolbox.co.nz and we can discuss your needs, objectives and budget.