Coaching is for anybody looking for change. If you want something to be different to how it is now, that’s what coaching is for. It can relate to any part of your life. Your career. Your relationships. Your travel plans. Your education. What’s working and not working in your life? Where do you need to make the changes in order to achieve your goals?

Coaching aims to help clients identify and achieve personal and professional goals. For me, coaching is a result-orientated holistic process. Cutting the jargon, that means, I put great emphasis on the importance of achieving true balance between the elements of life, work and play, and that I believe in making achievable plans!

Specifically, I will work with you, (in person or by telephone during regularly scheduled sessions), to support you in identifying your values and goals, encouraging you to take action, and helping you achieve success.

It’s a one-on-one relationship, it’s confidential, and takes place over a series of meetings.

Whether you want help achieving a specific goal, finding a career direction, or addressing your life in a more universal sense, I can help you get there faster. I am trained to listen, observe and customise my approach to your unique situation. I will ask you insightful and challenging questions that will help you put your priorities into perspective and see your life in a fresh light.

You will be actively encouraged and supported to take action. We will focus on all areas of your life and work performance to encourage self-directed learning and personal growth.

What are your strengths – the characteristics that help you to live a functional life? How do we enhance these?

I profoundly believe that each of my clients is naturally creative and resourceful, and consequently, I will work in partnership with you, to elicit the right solutions and strategies for your individual needs.

There are many wonderful benefits associated with professional coaching, including:

  • increased self awareness and self discovery
  • more balanced life
  • setting and achieving better goals
  • lower stress levels
  • increased productivity
  • better relationships
  • fresh perspectives
  • better decision making.

I am a straight talker, and what you see is what you get. My non judgemental and empathetic approach, my no-nonsense pragmatism, my deep respect for you as my client, and my sense of humour, all combine to make me a relaxed and committed practitioner.

As a professional coach, I work in both the personal and commercial realms. My clients range widely, from individuals or couples seeking change in their personal lives, through to businesses of all sizes, from small companies through to large corporations.

“Annalise’s effective coaching techniques and personable approach empowered me to achieve the best possible outcomes with the best possible frame of mind. I would certainly recommend Annalise’s coaching services to anyone seeking to formulate and achieve goals to improve their life.”Melissa Delafosse, Private Client