Coaching for the Individual

You may come to me with a particular issue you’d like to address, or, (like many people), you may simply have a very generalised feeling that things in your life could somehow be better. The beauty of coaching is that it is entirely flexible. Together we will work out the best approach for you, and I will tailor a package to meet your personal and financial needs.

Three areas of coaching which are of particular interest to me are increasing individual happiness levels using the Science of Happiness and I am also very enthusiastic about Life Balance and Confidence Coaching, to learn more see each section below.

Happiness Coaching – using The Science of Happiness

Happiness is a noble pursuit and one which crosses all ages and cultures. So what  exactly is happiness? Well that’s the truly tricky thing, it is different for each and every one of us! What makes me happy will not necessarily make you happy.

Current science tells us that happiness is something that is influenced by both genetics and our life situation. In other words part of our happiness comes with us at birth but there is also a very significant portion that we can influence with our everyday activities, in fact research tells us it is as much as 40%!

This coaching series is based on the current work of many brilliant positive psychology researchers and practitioners including Martin Seligman, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Robert Biswas-Diener, Anthony Grant and more. Using a mix of education (learning from current research) and reflection (applying that learning to what you know about yourself) you then design a personalised action plan for your daily life. Happiness is not one size fits all, so we need to get to the bottom of what is important to you!  Why not learn more about how to increase your happiness balance?

Happiness is influenced by;

  • Experiencing gratitude and mindfulness
  • Using your strengths
  • Having a sense of direction and purpose
  • Managing your thoughts and intentional behaviour
  • Your feelings of connection and much more…

We can work in a 1 to 1 coaching setting or in a small group in THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS.

Life Balance Coaching – it’s more than life and work!

Life is busy, and it seems to be getting busier! The fact is there are still only 7 days in a week and only 24 hours in a day, finding  balance and peace while still achieving all that you want to can be challenging.

In this coaching series we will focus on 10 areas of life, which if in balance, will bring you peace and control over that busy schedule. We will celebrate what’s working, identify what’s not and then create an action plan to make the changes you want.

Together we undergo a process where you identify what you really want in life, via a journey of recognising and acknowledging your innermost values and goals. I strongly believe that it is important to look at all aspects of your life holistically, in order to understand the different elements in the context of the ‘whole’. You will be encouraged and supported to take action, helping you to achieve great success. We will focus on all areas of your life and work performance to encourage self-directed learning and personal growth. In other words, we will look forwards to where you want to go, work out how to get there, and get on with making it happen. If that sounds simple, it’s because in many ways, it is. It’s actually not rocket science!

Confidence Coaching – without it life’s a whole lot harder!

Confidence is not only the belief that we can do something but it is also the faith that doing that thing will give us the result we desire.

The truth is we may not even attempt something if we don’t believe we will be successful in our attempt. In this coaching series we will look at what it is you really want to achieve, figure out what’s stopping you and then using proven techniques identify ways to achieve your goals.

The good thing is these tools can be applied to any part of your life so once you’ve learned them they are yours for life!

Coaching Investment

Coaching is a process and it is recommended that clients commit to a minimum of four sessions. Initially weekly, then moving to fortnightly or monthly as required. Please do not let price stop you from trying coaching! I am always happy to discuss your needs and if necessary we can create a flexible financial package.

Face to face: $245
Virtual (Phone/Zoom): $175

(Prices are per 60 minute session and excluding GST.)